Comparative Review: The Modern and Vintage Omega Speedmaster Mark II Replica Watches

Every Tuesday on my website,, we tackle a topic related to Omega Speedmaster watches. This article comes to us from the “Speedy Tuesday” archives, and focuses on my opportunity to review, compare and contrast the modern stainless steel case Omega Speedmaster Mark II fake watches with its vintage predecessor from 1969.

After the Omega Speedmaster Professional won the race to the Moon in 1969, Omega thought it was time to come up with a watch that was perhaps a bit more up-to-date and ready for the 1970s — design-wise, that is, as the watch would still need to handle the same abuse as the Speedmaster Professional “Moonwatch” could. Sometime in 1969, Omega introduced the first Speedmaster Mark II, which was actually a Speedmaster Professional Mark II. (For non-native-English-speaking readers: the “Mark” in the name stands for a new or revised/improved version; it is similar to calling something a “2.0 version” these days.) The Speedmaster Mark II came with the same Lemania-based movement as the Moonwatch, Reference 145.022. This movement is Omega’s Caliber 861 and was in production from 1968 through about 1996, when it was succeeded by the Caliber 1861 movement. The Speedmaster Mark II had a barrel-shaped case that looked totally different from the asymmetrical Speedmaster Professional case. The regular Speedmaster, which was issued to NASA astronauts, was still in production, however. Throughout all the Speedmaster Mark series, the regular Speedmaster Pro remained available (and, of course, remains so today).

When Omega ceased production of the Speedmaster Mark II in 1972, the Mark III already had been introduced. The Speedmaster Mark III was succeeded by the Mark IV in 1973. Then there is the Mark 4.5 (which is a Mark IV with a different movement, an Omega Caliber 1045), which came on the market in 1974. The last one of the Speedmaster Mark series is the Mark V, introduced around 1984. Confusing, right? There are even more models in between and some slight variations on the above. In any case, Omega decided to do a Speedmaster Mark II reissue in 2014, and we noticed that the watches were already in the Omega boutiques before their official introduction at Baselworld 2014. Just like the original Speedmaster (Professional) Mark II watches, there are a few variations available of the Omega Speedmaster Mark II Co-Axial 2014 models. There is a black-dial version and a racing-dial version as well as a Speedmaster Mark II “Rio 2016” Olympic Games edition (pictured below) that we saw during our appointment with Omega.

As you can see on the photo of the Speedmaster Mark II Racing (below), the barrel-shaped case and bracelet are very similar to those on the original version. We will come to that comparison later on. If you take a closer look, you will notice that the dial is somewhat different from the original. The racing track is a bit different from the original, which had a red outer track and an orange Omega logo at 12 o’clock. However, the biggest differences are perhaps in the text on the dial and the fact that the new Speedmaster Mark II 2014 model has a date aperture. Instead of a no-date, hand-wound chronograph movement – like the one that is still being used in the Speedmaster Professional 357x.xx series – Omega decided to use its Caliber 3330 movement. This movement has a column-wheel mechanism, a co-axial escapement, an Si14 silicon balance spring and a power reserve of 52 hours. It has little similarity with the original movement, except for the tri-compax layout of the dial, of course.

People have asked us about the base movement for Omega Caliber 3330, as it is not one of Omega’s in-house-developed chronograph movements (the Caliber 93xx series). We tend to think that it is based on some ETA caliber that has been tailored for exclusive use by Omega only, hence the Si14 balance spring and co-axial escapement. It is understandable that Omega decided to use this movement. It is probably not a watch for the purist – although it is an awesome timepiece – but more for someone who loves vintage watches but wants to wear something new. There also may be some collectors who just feel that they need a piece like this in their Speedmaster collection. We believe that the target audience, though, is the guy who loved seeing the vintage Speedmaster Mark II on the wrist of his father or grandfather and has decided to go with a similar timepiece with all the modern technology inside. For the purists, there are still some great pre-owned vintage Speedmaster Mark II models out there that are priced attractively.

So, would you opt for the old, original Omega Speedmaster (Professional) Mark II or would you rather have one of the modern versions? We’ve put the old Speedmaster Mark II Ref. 145.014 next to the new Ref. 327. and show you the optical differences between the two. (We’ve already discussed the movements a bit so need to compare those.) The dimensions of the contemporary Speedmaster Mark II are 42.4 mm x 46.2 mm, whereas the vintage model measured 41.75 mm x 45 mm. This means that the newer model is slightly bigger, which is evident in the photos below.

On the dial, you will notice that – besides the date window, obviously – there are other differences between these two. It seems that the new black dial Omega Speedmaster Mark II fake watches with the matte black dial has the same graphics printed on it as the racing version, with the exception of the use of orange for some of its accents. The minute track and hour markers are quite different from the Speedmaster Mark II 145.014 model. It is clear that the old model has a dial that is more similar to the Speedmaster Pro “Moonwatch” than to its 45-years-younger successor. The hands have also changed a bit, and are now a mixture between the original Speedmaster hands and the Speedmaster Mark III hands. Although the vintage Mark II in the photos is a bit roughed up, you can clearly see the similarities between the style of finish on the case and bracelet. The polished edges on the case give a superb contrast to the sunburst brushed finish of the upper side of the case. Keep in mind that the Speedmaster Mark II’s sunburst brushed finish is a magnet to scratches – this doesn’t have anything to do with the material, only with the type of finishing – and it will require a pretty good watchmaker to deal with this. In any case, we’d advise you to have this finish redone by Omega, which has the proper machines and knowledge.

The bracelet clasp is also something that you will immediately notice when comparing these two. The old steel clasp is just a straightforward folding buckle whereas the new clasp is in line with all the other modern Omega clasps — two release buttons and easy to resize. Again, the one you’d choose depends on your personal preferences and whether buying a vintage watch is in your comfort zone. Buying a nice vintage watch of any kind will require a bit of research. For the modern guy who merely wants a modern watch with a cool, vintage look, today’s Omega Speedmaster Mark II Co-Axial might be the right choice. The black dial version is Reference 327. and has a price tag of approx 4,600 euros (including VAT). The orange Speedmaster Mark II racing is Reference 327. and has an (approx.) 4,600-euro price tag. A vintage Omega Speedmaster Mark II 145.014 in good condition can be found for below 1,800 euros. For now, that is.

The official presentation on this Speedmaster Mark II watch can be found on the Omega website, where you can switch off the light to see the illumination of the dial and where you can resize the bracelet. What model do you prefer? The charming fake watches are very beautiful which can be your best friends.

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Chronograph Starmus Science Award Gold Replica Watches

or a newly announced partnership with the Starmus Science Festival and in support of its Stephen Hawking Medal for Science Communication award, Omega will present each of this year’s three winners with a special 18k yellow gold Omega Speedmaster watch. The association with a space and science festival like Starmus should make sense to anyone familiar with Omega and the Speedmaster’s history with NASA and its continued involvement in related projects. Let’s now look at the black dial Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Chronograph Starmus Science Award Gold copy watches, which is not available for sale, and its purpose for existing.

Professor Stephen Hawking joined Omega CEO Raynald Aeschlimann and Starmus founder Garik Israelian to announce the partnership and present the watch.

Apart from all the gold and the engraved case back, this Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Chronograph appears to be, in most ways, the classic Moonwatch – the yellow gold case back Omega Speedmaster Professional fake watches Here, the 42mm case, as well as the bezel, hands, and applied indices are 18k yellow gold. Essentially, anything that was either steel or white in color has been replaced with gold, including the tachymeter scale and the printed elements of the dial. Fully monochromatic, gold looks as lovely as ever paired with black here on the dial, bezel, and leather strap.

Although Omega doesn’t give a lot of details on these specific limited models, we can assume that the specs are mostly consistent with the standard Moonwatch. Of course, inside is the manually wound Omega 1861 cam-actuated chronograph movement that is more or less the modern version of the movement that famously accompanied the NASA astronauts to the Moon.

As mentioned, the typical seahorse logo-engraved case back is replaced here with a special engraving for the Starmus Festival and the Stephen Hawking Medal for Science Communication. The engraving matches the actual medal that winners will receive in addition to the watch. It depicts the first ever human spacewalk by Russian cosmonaut Alexei Leonov (who was most likely wearing a long-lost Soviet government-issued watch), with the “Red Special” guitar of Queen’s lead guitarist Brian May emerging from beyond the horizon, and the Starmus logo.

Why Brian May’s electric guitar, you may ask? Mr. May also happens to have a doctorate in astrophysics and had a hand in founding the Starmus Festival along with Garik Israelian. That kind of makes him a rockstar in more than one sense of the word. The Starmus Festival has a mission of communicating about and promoting science to the public. The three Stephen Hawking Medal for Science Communication awards will go to three different categories; Science Writing, Films, and Music and Art. Finally, engraved around the edge of the case back are the words “Winner of the Stephen Hawking Medal for Science Communication.”

Omega has stated that only three such Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Chronograph 18k gold precious copy watches will be produced for the Starmus Festival and that this design will not be offered for retail sale, so no pricing information is available. Still a young festival, Starmus IV will be held between June 18 and June 23, 2017, in Trondheim, Norway, and the winners of the medals and the watches will be announced at that time.

Watches Review: Vintage Omega Seamaster Replica Watches

For the last week I’ve been wearing a Vintage Omega Seamaster.  It has traveled to the top of the Empire State Building and toured Washington, DC (in the rain!), and never once stopped for a break.  In fact, it would have stayed on my wrist longer if I didn’t give it back to it’s original owner.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to like such a large watch on my wrist.  Before you say anything, I realize that at 34mm, this watch is small compared to most modern watches.  However, when you compare it to the 19mm Omega I wear almost daily, this watch was daunting and I worried it would look bizarre on my small wrist.  While I’m not sure I would like anything larger on my wrist, I might have found a new obsession wearing 34mm white dial Omega Seamaster copy watches.

Wearing the Seamaster

The strap was changed to a blue alligator strap, which is perfect for me as it is able to be worn with everything, from black to brown and any other color I could dream of wearing.  The silvered dial, which has slightly changed in color over the years, catches the light beautifully and I caught myself looking at it constantly.  I also find myself staring into the crystal and looking at the original Omega symbol in the middle of the crystal.  While this one is slightly crooked, it is still a fantastic feature found in vintage watches, setting themselves apart from their modern counterparts.

Since the watch is from the 1950s, another interesting factor is the slightly curved seconds hand. The curve is common in older watches, and is done on purpose.  Because the seconds hand sits at the top of the stack and there is less clearance at the edge of the dial under the crystal, watchmakers curved the end to accommodate the long seconds hand and make it easy to read.

This watch was also worn through some hot, rainy, conditions and survived with out damage! This most likely due to the fact that the watch was serviced in the last year and the crystal was checked.  I also made sure to keep it under my rain jacket and avoided getting it wet.  Vintage pieces in particular should be double checked for water resistance to avoid damage.

The watch, aside from being at a great entry point for the vintage watch world, is a perfect dress watch.  The slim case and modest size made it easy to wear from daytime to nighttime.  The size also makes this watch perfectly unisex.  I also personally love that it is a true dress watch and has no date aperture.

The only issue I found with wearing the watch was that it rotated on my wrist.  The strap is on the newer side, and I wore it almost at the end due to the length combined with my smaller wrist.  Because of the stiffness of the leather, it would lean slightly back on my wrist rather than flat.  This is such a minor detail, and with more wear the leather strap would form to my wrist more.

Vintage Watches

Older, or rather vintage watches, channel a different feeling when you wear them.  I was afraid of damaging the watch and was probably more cautious than I needed to be while wearing it due to its age. At the same time, there is something magical about knowing a watch from 50 years ago is still running and is in great condition. the blue alligator straps Omega copy watches are really the fucntional watches for people to wear  on.

A great vintage watch should be a part of anyone’s collection, whether just starting out or just looking to add more.  There is a history behind these vintage pieces that, unless you know the original owner, will leave you wondering where it has been and what it has seen. the classic fake watches will the the best choice.

Technical characteristics:

Movement: Automatic

Model: Seamaster

Functions: Time Only

Case and bracelet: Stainless Steel, Blue Leather Strap

Dial and hour markers:  Silver, Indexed

Omega CEO Raynald Aeschlimann on 60 Years of Speedmaster Replica Watches

“The Speedmaster conveys the same emotions as [it did in] 1969,” says Omega President and CEO Raynald Aeschlimann, who talks to WatchTime’s Rüdiger Bucher in this exclusive interview about the 60th anniversary of the black dial Omega Speedmaster copy watches and how he responds to today’s buyers with a model that is so steeped in history.

RB: In 2017, Omega is celebrating 60 years of the Speedmaster. This year began with the presentation of the limited edition dedicated to #speedytuesday [above], which was sold out within just four hours.
RA: That was a fantastic experience. Many watch buyers and collectors have a huge passion for the Speedmaster. In the process, we saw how big the Speedmaster community has become. Most of them have bought this watch because they found that it is the right product: a watch by watch fans for watch fans.

RB: You developed the watch together with Robert-Jan Broer, founder of the blog, who created the term and the hashtag “Speedy Tuesday.”
RA: The exciting thing is that the idea for the watch, for the “reverse-panda” watch dial, came from the community. There is a connection with the past as well as a link to the future here.

RB: Watch fans are one thing, but Omega has to appeal to a broader public. How does the concept of “Speedy Tuesday” translate to the masses?
RA: The theme of Speedy Tuesday has appealed to a lot of our younger buyers, who have been focused on our James Bond theme so far — both in the way the watch has been sold, on Instagram, as well as its story, which we have told. People from Generation Y are looking for credibility in a brand. It has made an impact on them.

Aeschlimann describes the Speedmasters as both “products with a history” and “works of art.”

RB: Does the moon landing of 1969 still resonate with millennials?
RA: Yes, I think so. The moon landing was an event that changed the course of world history and still has an effect today. However, the fascination with the brown calf-skin straps Omega Speedmaster fake watches does not just come from the moon landing but also from the product itself. The Speedmaster has such a rich history and, 60 years later, it still conveys the same emotions as it did then. There are not many luxury products you can say that about. Not least, the Speedmaster gives customers the opportunity to wear a piece of history.

RB: How does this generation deal with the brand issue?
RA: They are born with luxury brands, know the relevant shopping areas the best. To them, the brand image is very important. I am even certain that the following generation will also be interested in watches. Our current products, one of which is the Speedmaster, produce many emotions because they are products with a history. At the same time, they are works of art. The younger generations have the same emotions as we do. But we have to communicate with them differently.

RB: What does that mean?
RA: Take the Master Chronometer, for example. It is too complicated to explain the underlying technology and [the testing regimen]. We have to make its uses clear but short and snappy. Perhaps we also have to be even shorter and more precise and [simply] say, “We are the best.”

Omega plans to produce many more Master Chronometer movements in the near future.

RB: Your aim is for all mechanical Omega watches to become Master Chronometers in a couple of years. When will this be the case?
RA: This is a matter of capacity. For this reason, amongst others, we planned for a new building years ago, which we will have soon. In 2017 we will certify the one-hundred-thousandth Master Chronometer. The aim is somewhere around 400,000, and we are planning to double our capacities in the next two years.

RB: Will the Moonwatch still be the exception, as the only mechanical Omega without a co-axial escapement and without a Master Chronometer certification?
RA: As things stand, yes. It is also a matter of respect for history. Is it also not inconceivable to buy a watch today which, aside from a few minor details, is practically unchanged from the one that was on the moon? We still sell them at a very favorable price. This also appeals to the young generation. You do not have to go to a museum to experience this watch; you can buy it. So are you ready to bring the delicate fake watches home?

You May Want To Know More About The Delicate Omega Speedmaster Replica Watches

Tuesdays for Omega fans equals #SpeedyTuesday across social media. Started by Robert-Jan Broer of Fratello Watches in 2012, the hashtag quickly took off celebrating the many different Speedmaster models.


Celebrating the 5th anniversary of the start of the trending Tuesday posts, Omega has launched a limited edition Speedmaster Professional with reverse Panda dial and luminescent subdials. In honor of this day, and limited edition #SpeedyTuesday Speedmaster, we’re taking a look at some top #SpeedyTuesday models!

Silver Snoopy

Designed to commemorate the 45th anniversary of Apollo 13, Omega released the black  leatehr straps Omega Speedmaster Apollo 13 Silver Snoopy Award copy watches for a Limited Edition in 2015. The dial features the iconic Snoopy dog from the classic comic, Peanuts, which was then used by NASA as their safety mascot for the Apollo program.

The Silver Snoopy award was given to Omega in 1970 for their role in the Apollo program and their role in assisting the safe return of the Apollo crew. To commemorate the historical day in space, Omega also included the words “Failure is not an option” on the dial, and “What could you do in 14 seconds” on the caseback.

Dark Side of the Moon

One of the hottest watches released in 2013 was the Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon. This black ceramic timepiece combines the history of the Speedmaster collection with a useful material not likely to be damaged. The Apollo 8 astronauts were the first to see the dark side of the moon and Omega pays homage to their partnership with NASA and Apollo with this unique model.

The model is a  special piece in Omega’s lineup as it was the first to be fully made in ceramic, from the pushers and buckle to the case and dial. Similarly to the Snoopy model, Omega engraved “Dark Side Of The Moon” onto the caseback, letting its wearers know the model is special. The mystique in the moon has inspired a collection of new “sides of the moon.”

50th Anniversary Moonwatch

The limited edition steel cases Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch 50th Anniversay fake watches piece celebrates the 1957 release of the Speedmaster. The watch is close in shape, size and detail to the original release. The dial features the vintage Omega logo and marquee. The enamel dial completes the face, and you’ll know the watch will retain its luster over time.

On the dial, you’ll see that the watch is not labeled as Professional. The 1957 model was not classified as a professional until 1963. Watch our full hands on review to learn more about this anniversary Moonwatch. Watch our comparison of this model and the Professional model on our YouTube channel!

40th Anniversary Moonwatch

Our SpeedyTuesday list isn’t complete without the 40th Anniversary Limited Edition Apollo 11 Speedmaster. This watch was released in 2009, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the first manned lunar landing, which happened in July, 1969. Buzz Aldrin was wearing his Omega Speedmaster during his moonwalk, and the rest is history!

The black dial is remisicent of the Moonwatch worn by Aldrin but you’ll see a small added feature at 9 o’clock. This is a medallion which features an adaptation of the famous mission patch: an eagle descending onto the lunar surface with an olive branch with Earth visible in the distance. Stampped on the back is the mission patch with the words “The First Watch Worn on the Moon.” On the dial, you’ll see this version is a Professional.

What you may not know about the dial, is that 02:56 GMT is written in red below Professional. This is the exact time Neil Armstrong made his historical “small step” onto the moon.  Above all, all these fantastic replica watches are really deserve to try.

Historical Omega Speedmaster Apollo & Alaska Special Replica Watches

mong the most storied watches, the Omega Speedmaster holds a special position as the watch that’s been to the Moon and back – and a bunch of other places, as we shall soon see. While there is plenty of printed and online literature available to study for those who want to know all about the “Moonwatch,” it is exceedingly rare to be given a chance to go hands-on with some of the actual watches that have been through the historical events which have helped to create the remarkable popularity the Speedmaster enjoys today.

A few days ago, at Omega’s London event celebrating the notable 60th anniversary of the Speedmaster, we went hands-on with not one or two, but six incredible Omega Speedmaster watches that have truly been “out there.” Here’s every one of them telling their story.

First Generation Omega Speedmaster CK 2915 (1957)

It all started rather inconspicuously in 1957, the year Omega introduced its “Professional” line of watches that included the first Speedmaster, the Seamaster 300, and the Railmaster. To see the trio together, check out our hands-on with the Omega 60th anniversary series here.

Omega says – and it makes sense – that they originally had not conceived the Speedmaster for extra-terrestrial use. Although it was in the very same year that the Russians successfully launched the first-ever satellite into space on October 4, 1957, it was not until much later, in 1965, that the first spacewalk happened – once again, achieved by the Russians, as Alexei Leonov spent 12 minutes and 9 seconds in the big vast unknown nothingness (cool story on that from Gizmodo here).

In the meantime, the Speedmaster had been set on its own course, as Omega heavily marketed it to car enthusiasts, motorists, and racing drivers. How? Well, did you know that the alligator straps Omega Speedmaster CK2915 fake watches, the first Speedmaster of them all (add Lord of the Rings narrator voice to that bit for added drama), was the first-ever watch to place its tachymeter bezel outside the dial and crystal? An almost laughably negligible “achievement” compared to what the Speedmaster would soon have to gloat about.

Still, the importance of the CK2915 is undeniable, as it was a strong enough beginning – thanks to its almost uncannily well-balanced, sporty, yet elegant looks and a heavy-duty 321 hand-wound chronograph caliber – to merit future updates to it. With its now-famed and highly legible “Broad Arrow” hands, plus excellent overall proportions and wearability, the Speedmaster collection was certainly off to a strong beginning.

The First Omega In Space: 2nd Generation Omega Speedmaster CK 2998 (1959)

1959 saw the introduction of a revised, second generation version, the Omega Speedmaster CK 2998. It retained the symmetrical case and the hand-wound Caliber 321 from Lemania, but introduced a new “Alpha” design handset that replaced the “Broad Arrow” ones seen on the first model. The tachymeter bezel was also standardized in the famous black aluminum version still in use today.

Omega’s CK 2998 tribute limited edition from 2016 with the Alpha hands but now with a blue panda dial.

More importantly, the CK 2998 was also the first Omega in space, as Omega explains: “The CK 2998 was the very model purchased by Mercury astronauts Walter “Wally” M. Schirra and Leroy G. “Gordo” Cooper in 1962 as their private watch. It was worn by Schirra during his Mercury-Atlas 8 (Sigma 7) mission, becoming the first Omega Speedmaster worn in space in October 1962, a full two years before NASA’s now-famous tests that led to the official selection of the Speedmaster for use in all of NASA’s manned missions.” It is here where we should note – since I presume some of you are asking yourselves the question – that the first watch ever worn in space was the one on the wrist of Yuri Gagarin who ventured into the unknown on April 12, 1961, after taking off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in modern-day Kazakhstan. There is no official information on this, but he had most likely been wearing a Sturmanskie, a Soviet watch “brand” not sold to the public but reserved for soldiers at the time.

“First Omega In Space”, a modern, very elegant tribute in Sedna gold from 2015.

Today, the CK 2998 is one of the most collectible Speedmasters out there. Produced between 1959 and 1962, there aren’t many original ones around today in collectible condition with original parts, which sends resale value north of the $20k mark. Just look at the one Omega had on display: it had a lot of wear and tear – which arguably is part of the charm and patina of a vintage watch, if that’s your thing… And if it isn’t, you’ll have to hunt down a discontinued/sold-out steel or gold “FOIS” First Omega In Space produced more recently.


Qualified By Nasa: 3rd Generation Omega Speedmaster ST 105.003 (1963-1964)

The next development within the Speedmaster family, in Omega’s words, “was a decisive one.” Introduced in 1963 and still powered by the manual-wound Caliber 321, the 3rd generation Omega Speedmaster ST 105.003 is the exact model delivered to and tested by NASA. Responding to a request for “wrist chronographs” in October 1964, Omega’s North American agent supplied NASA with the required number of ST 105.003 Speedmasters, without knowing exactly what they would be used for – and, better still, without even informing Omega headquarters in Biel, Switzerland.

These watches, as well as models from other competing brands (Omega doesn’t specify, but they were from Rolex, Longines, and later from Bulova, even), were evaluated almost to destruction in a series of tests that can justly be described as the toughest trials a watch had ever endured.


To give you an idea, it included: high and low temperature tests (two full days at 70 °C (158 °F), 30 minutes at 93 °C (199 °F), then 4 hours at -18 °C (-0.4 °F); ten 24-hour cycles at >95% humidity with temperatures ranging from 25 to 70 °C; corrosion tests; six 40 G shock tests in six directions, low and high pressure tests, vibration tests and even a sound test where the watches were “shouted at” at a deafening 130 decibels at frequencies from as low as 40 up to 10,000 Hertz for 30 minutes. Key signs of deterioration included the lume falling apart on the hands, as well as, you guessed it, the rate being affected… and yet, the watches had at last been officially certified by NASA.

Edward White and the Omega Speedmaster ST 105.003 on America’s first EVA on June 3rd 1965, during the Gemini 4 mission

As the Omega Speedmaster became “officially certified” equipment for NASA’s manned space program, NASA procured further examples of the ST 105.003 and officially equipped its astronauts with it. This model reached further fame when it was worn for the first time outside the space capsule: on the wrist of astronaut Edward White, this model became part of America’s first EVA (extra-vehicular activity, or, more plainly, “spacewalk”) on June 3, 1965, during the Gemini 4 mission.

First Moonwatch: 4th Generation Omega Speedmaster ST 105.012 & ST 145.012 (1964-1965)

While Omega had no knowledge of what was going on over in Houston since NASA’s selection process was carried out without involving the respective companies’ headquarters, black dial Omega fake watches was nevertheless evolving the Speedmaster. In order to offer additional protection to the chronograph’s pushers and its crown, the Speedmaster case was slightly modified: its right side was slightly enlarged, thus offering more protection and, as an unavoidable side-effect, a newfound, asymmetrical look.

It was introduced to some select markets in 1964 with the model ST 105.012 that now also featured “Professional” on the dial, as it was at this point a prominent part of Omega’s professional copy watches line of watches that, as we mentioned above, they launched in 1957. Still powered by the same trusty movement, the Caliber 321, the model further evolved in 1967 into the reference ST 145.012, with the addition of a slightly improved method of attaching the pushers to the case. This model proved to be the last one to use the Caliber 321, the very movement that guaranteed perfect timing during all six lunar landings up to and including the last mission to land on the moon: Apollo 17.

Omega Seamaster Edizione Venezia Replica Watches In Sedna Gold Or Stainless Steel

out of the blue, Omega today debuted the Omega fake watches with steel or rose golden cases, a stylish, retro-inspired take on the Seamaster, offered in a highly elegant 39.5mm case, crafted from either Omega’s proprietary 18k Sedna gold or… yes, stainless steel.

On a personal note, the 40mm-wide De Ville Trésor has been probably my favorite modern Omega: it’s classical, restrained, and under-the-radar, but, with its curvy case and dial, it’s plenty interesting for a dress watch. Plus, its Master Co-Axial Chronometer movement delivers all the goodies Omega can engineer into a movement today… So what exactly is the matter with the Trésor? It’s not available in steel but exclusively in – very pricey – gold of different types…

…Which leads us to the Omega Seamaster Edizione Venezia replica watches with self-winding movements, a new Seamaster that offers comparably beautiful and restrained styling in a classical 39.5mm case, a METAS-certified Master Co-Axial Chronometer movement (now an automatic over the Trésor’s hand-wound), and refreshingly, it does come in Sedna gold and steel. And, if you hadn’t guessed already, there is, of course, a story to go with it as well.

Omega says the idea for the Seamaster’s sea horse logo came when one of Omega’s designers visited Venice and saw the gondolas adorned with this fascinating animal – he liked the possible connection with it and the Seamaster and, since 1957, the Seahorse emblem has been associated with this collection.

While self-proclaimed Omega historians will certainly know of a few vintage Seamasters from the mid-1900s, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that most Omega fans and buyers today think not of a vintage dress watch when they hear the word Seamaster. Yet, this new-for-2017 piece shares numerous design elements with Seamasters of old, reminding everyone that the Seamaster copy watches with black or brown crocodile straps have not always been about chunky, sporty, and colorful. It goes to show that, if you think about it, not only is Omega itself a very versatile and complex brand, but even its collections can be a bit all over the place sometimes.

While you could consider this another 60th-anniversary tribute, I think the new Omega Seamaster Edizione Venezia fake watches should really just be left alone to be what it actually is: a heavily vintage-inspired, retro-looking dress watch, something that’s been missing from Omega’s stable for some time now. The Globemaster is available in steel but is more modern in its design, even if it is not without its own vintage-tribute details.

The exquiste Omega Seamaster fake watch has a domed, silvery, off-white dial with applied indices, Omega logo and text, and a pair of thin, polished leaf-style hands – all of this is in 18k Sedna gold on both model variants. Legibility, because the dials appear to be more satin than shiny, should be alright – it would have been sad to see this piece ruined by the horribly illegible combination of a shiny dial and shiny, skinny hands. Love it or hate it, there is also a subtle date aperture at six, maintaining the symmetry of the dial.

Over the dial is a domed sapphire crystal that should add more depth to the skinny-looking watch – no official figures on thickness but considering the basic functionality of the movement and the small diameter of the case, we’d be surprised if this was a burger. Water resistance is an ample 60 meters or 200 feet, not bad for a gold dress watch and just enough that you never have to worry about it.

Exposed via the laser-engraved sapphire case-back is the Omega Caliber 8801, an automatic Co-Axial movement boasting METAS-approved quality control and a resistance to magnetic fields reaching 15,000 gauss. The gold version will come with an 18k Sedna gold balance bridge and oscillating weight. Power reserve is 55 hours which isn’t bad considering the relatively small size of the case and, therefore, movement.

Pricing for the Omega Seamaster Edizione Venezia copy watches with white dials is a marketable €5,900 in steel (reference 511. and €13,200 in 18k Sedna gold (reference 511. As you might have guessed by now, both pieces will only be available for purchase in Venice, Italy.

Omega Celebrates Speedmaster Replica Watches With George Clooney And Buzz Aldrin

To commemorate the 60th anniversary of its iconic Speedmaster timepiece, Swiss horologer Omega traversed the galaxy. In late April, at London’s Tate Modern, the brand threw a “Lost in Space” event that provided guests with a sensory, futuristic experience that cued to the watch’s legacy in space exploration. Anchored to a centerpiece of 60 historic top Speedmaster replica watches, the occasion featured prominent guests in the likes of George Clooney and Buzz Aldrin, one of the first men to land on the moon.

“The Speedmaster is one of the most, if not the most, iconic chronographs in the world,” said Omega President and CEO Raynald Aeschlimann. “Not only for OMEGA, but for the many men and women who have worn and trusted it. Even after 60 years, its power and charisma has not diminished. We’re so proud to have an event of this scale and to share it with the Speedmaster’s biggest fans.”

The first copy watches with self-winding movements to boast a tachymeter scale on its bezel. Omega Speedmaster has throughout its varied history graced the wrists of a throng of prominent figures – from astronauts to Air Force pilots to athletes to actors. Perhaps, the most noted moment in the lifetime of the timepiece is its trek to the moon with Aldrin on Apollo 11 in 1969. Almost half a century later, Aldrin claimed Omega’s stage in a spacesuit, spurring raucous applause.

Standing alongside Aldrin, Clooney reminisced about his childhood and the role the Speedmaster and the US space missions played in it. “Speedmasters were a big part of my growing up,” he said. “My uncle and my father, we all had them because it was such a big part of the moon landing. And it was huge in our lives. My father gave me, as my graduation present, Omega Speedmaster replica watches with black dials. There’s every reason to love them because they’re elegant watches. But I also love them because of the history.”

The Speedmaster’s astounding lead in manned space missions came after rigorous scrutiny by NASA. The engineer who was once responsible for the qualifying process, James Ragan, was also in attendance at the Tate Modern.

“Of all the watches we tested in 1965, the Omega fake watches with steel cases were the only one that passed all the tests,” he said. “The others got eliminated in the very first test. So it has a very good reputation with NASA and even today is still used in space. That says a lot about the watch.”